Create a Team

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This section of the documentation will guide you on how to create a Team.

Step 1 : Log into your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Team > Add New

Step 2 : Enter your Team title in the upper field, and enter your Team body content in the main page editing box below it.

Step 3 : Create a category for your Team

Step 4 : Upload an image for your Team

Step 5 : Select your preferred sidebar in the dropdown list and layout for the sidebar and content.

Step 6 : Page Design Options. Please check Page Header for more information.

Step 7 : content Options

Step 8 : Background Options

Step 9 : Social Sharing Options

Step 10 : Team Member Information

Position : Enter designation of team member.

Email : Enter the team member’s Email.

Phone no. : Enter the team member’s Phone number.

Facebook : Enter team member’s Facebook Account URL.

Twitter : Enter team member’s Twitter Account URL.

Google Plus : Enter team member’s Google Plus Profile URL.

Linkedin : Enter team member’s Linkedin Profile URL.

Pinterest : Enter team member’s Pinterest Profile URL.

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