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using our themes with page builder

Info: Keep all the recommended plugins always up to date to ensure maximum compatibility with new WordPress version.

We have opted Site Origin Panels for our themes, its a free drag drop page builder which is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes and quite easy to use for everyone because it uses the most common thing of wordpress that is widgets as the page content blocks. So its like placing widgets in a s sidebar to create a new page. We will be adding more and more widgets for our themes with every coming updates to make them all purpose themes.

Tinymce widget is a widget which let you add wordpress visual editor to any of your page builder block to insert any text, shortcode inside it.

All of these plugins are required before you start using the page builder widgets of our themes. You can install them from the message comes in your dashboard as soon as you install theme. These plugins can also be installed and activated from Appearance > Install plugins

Step 1 : Theme built in widgets are included in the theme inside imic-framework > Page-builder folder. These widgets and So Widgets Bundle widgets needs to be activated before you can see them in your page builder interface. To activate the widgets just move to Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets where you see a page like below image

Step 2 : Start building a page using the page builder widgets. Move to Pages > Add new where you will see an additional toggle tab at the content editor.

Step 3 :Choose the page builder tab and you can now start using the page builder widgets. See full documentation about using widgets here:

Step 4 : Theme’s specific classes can be attached to your page builder rows like shown below

To add parallax effect to background image of a row add class “parallax” and after space add “parallax1” Notice if you have mutiple parallax background rows in your single page then you need to add “parallax2” , “parallax3” along with “parallax” for each row. To remove default top padding from the page you can use class “no-top-content-padding” for your first row on the page.

Prebuilt pages are added in the theme when you update to latest version. You can use them as described here:

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