Feature Requests

Hi all!

As you all know we accept feature requests for most of our WordPress Themes and always willing to add the requested features to theme as fast as possible. But some of the feature requests requires a much development time as compared to others which makes it difficult for us to add those to our themes. Few users sometimes need those features to complete their project and are willing to pay for that as well but high development cost resist them to do so.

How it works

We have found a solution for this to make some highly customized features to be crowdfunded here on the forums. We have created a separate forum category for the feature requests under this you can find your WP theme and create a thread for the feature you want to see in the theme coming update. Once you do so, we will keep an eye on that threads to see other users response. Others users can show their interest for that particular feature by leaving their reply as “+1”. Once the “+1” replies reach 5 in count we will create a crowdfunding campaign for that feature.

Costs of development

Cost of development for a feature will be decided by us as per the hours required. The total cost of development will be shown as target of the crowdfunding campaign.

When will we start the development

We will allow 15 days period for the campaign to reach its goal in order to get the development work started. Once its reached you can see updates within the campaign about the status of work and its completion time.  Eventually the requested feature will be added in an update to theme.

What will happen if the goal isn’t reached?

Unfortunately if any feature request campaign doesn’t reach its goal amount within the 15 days of period, then we will refund all the backers their paid amount.

Request a feature

We hope this will help users to see their requested feature added to theme more quickly. We seek your engagement in this.

imithemes team