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Adding registered user list under the event

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    here is the idea.
    Users registers under free event – I have training – 20 available places
    Fills out name, surname and some fields and sends the registration.
    Admin gets an email – pending event of training
    Admin accepts – status Completed
    User gets an email of completed event / training
    The user shows up under the event / name, surname and maybe some other fields

    Fields must be configurable under settings

    Here is a small look of my idea

    View post on

    What are the benefits?
    -you show event users
    -detailed info about users, company and other fields
    -less work for admin

    Please add this to future requests or let me know how to make something similar?

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    Hi there

    I have added this as feature request for the plugin’s future updates.


    Nitin SharmaNitin Sharma
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    Thanks for the suggestion.
    We have added this feature for future updates of theme.


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