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Complete SEARCH customization and fixes

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    April 20, 2017 at 5:54 pm #78652

    I will summarize everything affecting the looks and how the widget and home search work, and make the most simple questions, without touching the Real Spaces themes so they are updatable and everything works in WPML:

    1. How do we change the names of Provinces in Location (we have them in German now). See attachment Andalusien. How do we translate these?
    2. How do we remove the Provinces for a given country in Location? There is one country that we just need the whole country be an option instead of subdivisions like regions (e.g. instead of Argentinian provinces, we want only Argentina as the location point for Location
    3. You are updating the child themes so the ajax city submenus work, but we need customization. See attachment: City (Ciudad) should be some other wording like Region, and the submenu would be (as in dev site you access) Province. Where do we change these names?
    4. Under Theme Options > Search widget / Home Search we activate the ajax city fields and can give some names, but switching languages (WPML) make these search settings disappear, so it seems the City either does not load or it is hidden in the other language. How to fix this?
    5. The first dropdown under City (Ciudad in the attachment) is displayed as Andalucia but usually instead of Ciudad, we want to display the wording All Cities in both languages, how to change this text and translate it? (see it live in the dev site)
    6. Customize the next city ajax field also, now the first option is Ciudad again, but we need the first dropdown menu be All Provinces and translate it too.
    7. How do we change the words Ciudad in the example just above its dropdown (attachment Ciudad above AndalucĂ­a) to something else (and translate it too).
    8. I already asked in a different post how to remove the Advanced Search button. You gave me css code and it is hidden now, but it seems to be affecting the ajax city fields since sometimes choosing a first level “city” does not load the sublevel “city”.
    9. Same thing for Property Type: we need the first option in the dropdown to be written as “All Property Types” and not “Property Type”. And translate it too.
    10. Although the search results seem to be working fine in one language, switching to the other erases all parameters but /?s=Search1 so the results are for all properties!
    11. The widget displays the city (only in one language as said above) as a dropdown including all “cities” on different levels. We cannot use this way of searching there, we need the options to work as in the home search (ajax) or just display the first level!
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