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Contact page error when submitting form

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    I am not sure if this error is specific to me or a general issue with the theme. I am reporting the issue despite having fixed it myself. It would be good if the theme ships without any problems though.

    In the folder: \wp-content\plugins\adorechurch-core\mail we find the contact.php script. and on lines 4-5 we find the following:

    $pagePath = explode('/wp-content/', dirname(__FILE__));
    include_once(str_replace('wp-content/' , '', $pagePath[0] . '/wp-load.php'));

    on my installation of WordPress which I believe is the standard, as I have not done anything to it, the file wp-load.php is located in the root folder.

    I have had to replace the above lines with the following to get the script to run successfully.


    Please investigate and fix in the future release.

    NOTE: The contact.php script is also located in the folder \wp-content\themes\AdoreChurch\mail. This may or may not need some tidying up.

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