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Countdown clock one hour behind

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    I have an issue with the countdown clock on the home page showing the incorrect number of hours to the next event. For example, as I write this, my next event is at 10:00am tomorrow morning (this is correct in the event page). Current time (UTC+1 UK Daylight Saving Time) is 16:01. The countdown clock should therefore show the time to the next event as: 17 hrs, 59 minutes. Instead it shows 16 hrs, 59 minutes. I actually had someone turn up to an event an hour early today because of this!

    I wonder if it may have anything to do with the UK’s Daylight Saving Time which we are currently in (one hour ahead of UTC). However, this should be dealt with by the correct settings on both the server and in WordPress. I can confirm that the server’s date and time is correct for the UK/London local time, and the WordPress date/time settings are also set to the London time zone. I’m running version 3.1.3 of the Native Church theme (just updated) but the problem was also present in version 3.1.1.

    Does anyone know what the problem is with this and how to resolve it?

    Thank you.

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