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Event Disappears at Start Time

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    I have an event that spans multiple days. I noticed that when the event started, it disappeared off of the event grid as well as on the home page where it says “Next event starts in…” underneath the slider. It does, however, still show on the calendar. How can I get the event to still show in the event grid while it is happening, and on the home page “event starts in” section for it to say “Happening Now” (I noticed another user of this theme had it say this)? Thanks!

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    OK, so I went in and changed the Event Display Time to “end”…this put it back on the grid and “next event starts” section…but now the “next event starts” section is counting down until the end of the first day. How can I make that say “Happening Now” or have it count down until the time for day 2 of the event, as opposed to it counting down til the end of tonight and then jumping to our next event which is in 2 weeks?

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    Hi nlhtaylor,

    Sorry to hear about the problem. Do you mind sharing your Website URL of the page you are having issues with or probably share a temp admin access to your site so we can take a better look?



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    Hello, could someone solve this problem? It’s happening to me too.

    The event disappears at the start of the time of the event (Start Time)

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