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    Dear Eventer,

    I am trying to organise a Charity Golf Day at school – our alumni website is – but I am struggling to get the event tickets sorted correctly.

    I have put up the event on the eventer plugin on the website (Charity Golf Day 2019) (website: but currently in draft) but:

    I have 6 food options for them to select one for their post golf game lunch, but eventer only allows me to input 4 options on the additional services section? I put ‘Lunch options’ as the name but only 4 variants are allowed. How do I have 6?
    If a golfer who wants to attend also wants to pay for another player whilst booking, how do they select the lunch option for this second person on the same booking?
    When you click the ‘Book Now’ button and the pop up appears to add in details, how can I add a text field at the bottom that is bespoke to this event, and not to other events? Or can I out this text field elsehwere in the booking process so it asks for information specific to the golf day, and doesn’t appear on other events?
    Thank you!

    Best wishes,


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