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Events Calendar Not Working (Vestige Museum)

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    April 24, 2018 at 5:44 pm #97828

    Dear Support Team,
    I cannot get our Vestige Museum Events Calendar to show up on our website. Seems to be a disconnect between adding events and displaying them in the calendar like on the Vestige Museum Demo. I have researched endlessly and cannot find a solution. Is there a short code that I should be using?

    Note that my events show up in grid list and and carousel views, but I cannot find a way to have them populate a calendar. The only calendar widget available is called “Calendar” and it says that it’s “A calendar of your sites posts.” When this widget is applied, it works with “Posts” only, but I don’t need a calendar showing posts, just events.

    In addition, I also do not know where to find information about creating an event with a multiple occurrences that are not in a specific pattern.

    Thank you!

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