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Extra Tabs / Additional Tab Area

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    # 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    I am trying to add another Tab Area to show on our website. We have 4 Tab Areas in our Add Listing page to type text into which is what Autostars seems to default as. I went into the meta-boxes.php and added another array for a tab-area5. I took the array code from tab-area4 which was an array that is currently working and displays on the website. I added another array by copying that array’s text and pasting it below tab-area4 and changing the tab-area4’s to tab-area5.

    My next step was to go into Theme Options on WordPress and navigated to Listing Details under Theme Options and added another tab and typed in the [tab-area5] shortcode. When I go back into Add Listing and type in the text I want to display, the listing on our website just shows [tab-area5] and not the text I wrote in the Extra Tabs area in the Add Listing page.

    It seems I am missing a step as the code below added an array which allowed a text box to display on the Add Listing page for me to type into but the actual implementation of that text is not being done. Please advise.

    Our website is

    Visit any car under Current Inventory and click Takeaway to see [tab-area5]


    ‘name’ => __(‘Tab Area 5’, ‘framework’),

    ‘id’ => $prefix.”tab_area5″,

    ‘desc’ => __(“Use this area in Theme Options by adding [tab-area5], to show in details page.”, ‘framework’),

    ‘type’ => ‘wysiwyg’,

    ‘options’ => array(

    ‘textarea_rows’ => 2,

    ‘teeny’ => false,

    ‘media_buttons’ => true,

    ‘tinymce’ => true,



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