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Full Width Featured Image on Blog Post

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    On Adore Church, the feature image on individual blog posts does not display full-length across the post regardless of the size or dimensions of the feature image. Here is an example.

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    Hi there

    The best option is to use a little big image in width else you can use this custom css at Theme Options => Custom CSS/JS
    article.single-post .post-media img {
    width: 100%;


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    Thanks for this. Issues remain. Not sure what you mean by “use a little big image.” Not sure what the custom CSS is meant to have changed. I’ve begun to pre-crop images to post as featured images, for example, here, I used a photo size 2000×1333, which is the correct ratio for the post page, but the page still reduces the photo to 600×400. You can see, it shows up blurry on this post and others. How do I get my high-res photo to show up as a high-res photo?

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