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Gaea – events not showing on calendar

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    We had this issue before on a theme update, but it’s happening again once we’ve updated to 2.7.2. All plugins associated are updated as well. No events are showing on the main calendar. They show up underneath, like they should, and if you drill down into a category, they show up fine.

    Any quick hints on a setting that we need to update or change?
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    # 1 month, 1 week ago

    Any help here? Actually, I’m on 2.7.4 (just checked). This is the same issue that we had on our last theme update awhile back. Our support contract is out, because of course it is. Seems kind of lame to have to pay $50 for support on a feature that should just work. See my last ticket, as I’m having the exact issue and need it to be fixed.

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