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Home page loading very slow

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    # 2 years ago

    I’m having an issue with the Vestige theme and the home page loading very slow (Over 30s after looking on dev tools). All other pages load fine.

    I deactivated all the plugins and reloaded the page and it loaded quickly (of course things were missing). I activated a plugin at a time and realized the issue was the plugin SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. After activating the rest of the plugins the home page loaded properly (with some missing widgets). As soon as I activated SiteOrigin, the homepage became very slow again.

    Any help would be appreciated it.


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    # 2 years ago

    Hi there

    Widgets bundle plugin can not slow the homepage if it’s just active on the website, there must be some widget from this plugin that’s been used on the homepage which is making the page load slow. This needs to be investigated further and to be able to do that please open a support ticket here:


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