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Multi dates

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    # 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Our client teaches classes for canoeing and kayaking.

    At the moment it is just the one teacher but this might change.

    There are lots of classes (different skills, different interests) for example:

    Canoeing for beginners

    Canoeing in white water

    Sea Kayaking for beginners

    Sea Kayaking for advanced people


    The classes are different prices and are normally just one (or part of a) day.

    The important thing is that the classes repeat but not necessarily as a recurring event. ie the canoeing for beginners course might be on the 4th Jan, 5th Jan, 20 Jan and 4 Feb

    The kayaking course might be on the 8th Jan, 20 Jan and 20 Feb

    So they are not regular, recurring classes, they are randomly organised classes.

    People booking a course might look on a calendar view or (more likely) will know the course they want or will find it in a category of classes. They will then read about the course, see the available dates and select one to book it.

    Can you advise if your plugin can cater for this please?

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