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Problem with uploading several photos when adding a property

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    Hey. I have been using Real Spaces for a long time. I need help (I will pay because the support period has passed)
    The problem with uploading several photos when adding a property. It has been around for a long time, but lately there have been many dissatisfied users.
    For example: A user uploads three photos one by one (for example, from a phone). In the preview, he sees 3 photos. He press the button “Publish the object” and … the object is published with only one (last) photo. The other two photos disappear.
    If the user adds the object from the PC, then the problem can be solved by pressing the ctrl (or Shift)button, if they select many photos at once, then ALL photos are added normally.
    However, many of my users upload photos from their phones or don’t remember the ctrl key, and then this is a problem (((
    Someone help me !!!

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