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Problems with the speed of loading pages with events.

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    I found a reason. The problem is in the code. If you write repetitive events, they immediately slow down the page load by 10 times.
    You can cut out this code, but it won’t solve the problem.
    In general, you need to rewrite the code for WP events. Will the creators of the template go for it?
    For example, I cut the event code from the main page and it started loading in 0.5-1 seconds. It was loaded from 11 to 14 seconds before the code was cut.
    As you can see, the problem is very big.
    Maybe we should try it ourselves. I have attached a home page file with the deleted event code.

    P.S. Didn’t delete the entire code, but the part that prevented the quick loading.

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    I am also finding the same issue with pages loading events widget very slow. This needs a fix asap.


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