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Replacing widgets in sidebars

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    Hi all

    As you are already aware that we are updating all of our themes to comply with the new standards of WordPress along with requirements set by Envato Market(ThemeForest). In the process of theme upgradation we are moving all of the custom widgets from the theme to new/updated “Core Plugin”. So once you update your theme with the new version and install the “Core Plugin” you should see new widgets set available at your Appearance => Widgets page.

    How to replace current widgets with the new ones:

    1. Go to your Appearance => Widgets page in the WP Dashboard
    2. Check the widgets used in your all sidebars and find the new widgets with same name at the left (widgets list). All new widgets name starts with (N)
    3. Add new new widget in the same sidebar, copy your widget title, settings in the new widget.
    4. Check your pages to see if both widgets are showing on the page sidebar.
    5. Now remove the old widget(without (N)) from your sidebar
    6. Repeat the above steps for all the sidebars/widgets.

    All the new widgets will appear at the top of the widgets list like an example below:

    Have any questions or concerns? Leave a reply in this topic.


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    Will there be more widgets to replace things like custom HTML and a search widget? Will “SiteOrigin” widgets be affected, or is that outside your development scope?

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    I have tried to replace an old widget with the new version in an existing sidebar — I go through the process (drag, drop, update) however, when I navigate to the page as you suggest to see if there are 2 versions on the page… I find only the original version. In addition, when I return to the widget page, my sidebar has not “saved” the new widget.
    What am I doing wrong?

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