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serve scaled images

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    I have shared this question before. but there is still no solution.

    Please help everyone, not just me.

    I have been using the “autostars” theme for about 4 years. Everything is fine except 1 problem.

    serve scaled images

    I have worked hard to solve this problem. I asked for support from many people. but everyone said that only the theme maker can do it.

    Finally, I talked to “imagify”, one of the most popular image compression companies.

    gave me this answer:

    Hi Çağlar,

    this is Marko from Imagify, thanks for your interest in Imagify.

    Your theme loads larger image sizes and resizes the appearance of those images through HTML and/or CSS attributes. This results in the browser downloading a larger image file than the dimensions actually applied displaying the image.

    A solution would be for the theme to provide a selection of different image sizes for the browser to choose from, or (if that’s not possible, for example for CSS background images), to serve the image in a smaller size that would fit its actual presentation.

    This type of issue is not related to Imagify; it should be addressed by the theme provider.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance, I am happy to help.

    Best Regards

    please help us find a solution.

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    Hi there

    Can you tell me if you are asking this about some specific images or about the all images added by this theme in your website? It is not feasible to serve resized images for all parts due to responsive behaviour of the theme but we can try it if you have concerns about some specific set of images. Let me know.


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    you should know this first, this problem is not new.

    Available for 3-4 years.

    gtmetrix, google speed etc. 1st test error on all test sites.

    The problem is almost present throughout the site.

    The most important factor affecting seo and speed.

    the link below is the address of your test site.

    you will see first place in the results.

    I have worked hard to solve this problem.

    I have tried many plugins.
    but I failed.
    I want to repeat, this problem is not only mine but everyone’s problem.

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    Do you have any suggestions?

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