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Updated list of outstanding issues

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    August 31, 2017 at 2:15 pm #84684

    Per your request on thread : http://support.imithemes.com/forums/topic/list-of-open-issues/page/8/#post-84643
    I have created a updated list of issues.

    1. Old Issue # 5 – Sometimes when you open a listing, the photo gallery attached to it, don’t change when you click another photo, this is most always true on mobile devices.
    2. Old Issue # 6 Required fields for listing: Still not fixed in backend
    3. Old Issue #7 Did you fix twitter feeds ? We are using a 3rd party plugin, but if you fixed it, that will save us performance
    4. Old Issue #8 Pagination ( wish all pagination was the same as the listings display page, even front page, you show recent posts and all the film companies say they can’t figure out how to navigate it, very confusing.
    5. Old Issue #11 Search function return page and pagination is not grid style

    I can’t find the old mobile issues, will search my box and add later but new issues found while testing are
    6. The menu is not that easy to know where to go, they see a front page and that’s it, they don’t know where to browse fleet – because the menu looks like a black box with 3 white lines and most clients don’t understand this.
    7. Top level menu does not show on mobile – so the quick links to see the fleet is missing
    8. The slider still has boxed X’s for the arrows, and profile – also Firefox has this issue
    9. Listings page the filter button does not work when you press it, so it is hard for them to see the vehicles > also since the listing shows only one page
    10. Listing – the gallery when you click another image, it does not display (the large image) only the first image in the gallery remains
    Please see screen shots

    I found another old outstanding issue from 9 months ago
    11. thread :
    Today I test this go to listing, at the bottom press page 2 and it goes no where does not change to page 2 Here is how to recreate it.. Go to http://www.eventfilmcars.com/listings/, then at the bottom go to page 2
    Then on the left sidebar filter by body type Truck nothing changes.. also – i was filtering by body type trucks, , then i reset the filter and changed to prop,
    then reset to filter and changed to damaged and the reset did not work

    Also please test this on your mobile phone, I think you see the problems also

    I don’t see mark as private to send you details, maybe a reply, I check after I post this

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