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User to select Featured picture when adding new listing.

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    Suggestion to add option in AutoStars theme to select which photo will be the default image when uploading to a new listing.

    I recently selected 5 car photo’s for a new car ad and uploaded them. Once they were uploaded there was no option to select which image would be the default for the listing. It was only after my listing was posted that I was able to go back and edit the photo’s and knowingly choose which picture to set as the default by hovering over the photo’s and reading the pop up message to “Select as Default”. This message did not display over the photo’s when creating the ad.

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    Hi there

    I have assigned this thread to theme’s developer and he will better assist you on this soon.


    Nitin SharmaNitin Sharma
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    Hello @peacewater468

    Yes, we have already noticed that featured image doesn’t select while adding listing. We will try to have some option to set featured image.


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