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Widgets in Megamenu

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    Hi all

    We have added a new feature to add widgets in our theme’s builtin megamenu. This has already been added to NativeChurch theme in the very latest release i.e. v2.6.6 and will be added soon to all other WP themes of ours.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. To make it work you must add only 1 megamenu column as sub-child as one of your parent menu item.
    2. Once added you can select one of your sidebar in there:
    3. The column widget will be set as per the number of widgets your sidebar will have. Like if has 4 widget then each widget will take up 25% width of the whole megamenu width. It is better to keep your widgets in sidebar to maximum of 6 to maintain the look.


    Hope you find this feature helpful.

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