How to maintain your website design by using correct size dimension

Most people check the demo of the themes and templates and aspire to have their website looks the same as like the demo. But the problem arise when they choose wrong dimension images for their websites. The preview of themes created to attract users to purchase item and images chosen are best of quality and perfect sizes. For example images used for showing a team page are all of same dimension i.e. 600px/600px for all of the team members and team page looks awesome with every image complementing the other.

To get a perfect look for your website give some time in putting and uploading equal size images for a particular area of the website i.e. blog, staff, portfolio etc.

Hope this article will help many of the theme users.

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    richsadams says:

    Most themes commonly include an image “auto-resize” feature that uses the WordPress Core resizer to set specific dimensions for thumbnails, etc. either expressed as actual numbers, percentages or absolutes.

    An example would be to require all post’s Featured Images have a strict size limit, say no wider that 640px and no higher than 480px. So even if you upload an image that’s 1200px x 600px, it will be resized proportionately…in this case 640px x 320px.

    Auto-image resizing can save a great deal of time. Am I missing that feature in this theme or will it be added in an update? If it doesn’t exist yet, can you suggest a work-around?

    Thank you very much!

    March 31, 2014 at 9:28 am
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    author says:

    We were using the wordpress thumbnail generator in the initial release but afterwards removed that because of few reasons. Some users were getting problem of cutting image part when wordpress create thumbnails as per defined sizes. Also because of numerous devices availability with different screen resolutions these days it is very hard to maintain the image quality when smaller images get opened in a device that should have one column layout. In this case images don’t look sharp that are resized to occupy 100% of device width. That’s the reason we opted to remove the creation of wp thumbnails and chosen to have them full size.

    If you need the thumbnails then it can be described in functions.php and called in the templates as per your need. Any help from my side just ask me i would be glad.


    March 31, 2014 at 9:41 am
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