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Quite a few of our themes(NativeChurch, Gaea, Real Spaces, Adore Church, Vestige, Born To Give, AutoStars etc.) comes with a Shortcode Generator, when using the WordPress editor or Page builder text block module you can find the Shortcode manager icon in the WordPress TinyMCE.

Here are some shortcode examples.


[accordions id="Accordion"]
[acchead id="Accordion" tab_id="Accordion0" class="active"]Accordion Panel #1[/acchead]
[accbody tab_id="Accordion0" in="in"]Accordion Body #1[/accbody]
[acchead id="Accordion" tab_id="Accordion1" class=""]Accordion Panel #2[/acchead]
[accbody tab_id="Accordion1" in=""]Accordion Body #2[/accbody]
[acchead id="Accordion" tab_id="Accordion2" class=""]Accordion Panel #3[/acchead]
[accbody tab_id="Accordion2" in=""]Accordion Body #3[/accbody]


[event_calendar category_id=""]


[tab id="Tabs0" class="active"]TAB HEAD 1[/tab]
[tab id="Tabs1" class=""]TAB HEAD 2[/tab]
[tab id="Tabs2" class=""]TAB HEAD 3[/tab]
[tabrow id="Tabs0" class="active"]TAB CONTENT1[/tabrow]
[tabrow id="Tabs1" class=""]TAB CONTENT2[/tabrow]
[tabrow id="Tabs2" class=""]TAB CONTENT3[/tabrow]

Full width video

[fullscreenvideo videourl=""]


[toggles id="Toggles"]
[togglehead id="Toggles" tab_id="Toggles0"]Toggle Panel #1[/togglehead]
[togglebody tab_id="Toggles0"]Toggle Body #1[/togglebody]
[togglehead id="Toggles" tab_id="Toggles1"]Toggle Panel #2[/togglehead]
[togglebody tab_id="Toggles1"]Toggle Body #2[/togglebody]
[togglehead id="Toggles" tab_id="Toggles2"]Toggle Panel #3[/togglehead]
[togglebody tab_id="Toggles2"]Toggle Body #3[/togglebody]

Kindly refer to this PDF Documentation on how to use NativeChurch Shortcodes

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