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How to create a new ticket

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Looks like you are now already registered for the ticket system and already logged in to the system. If not see how to register for ticket system

1. Once you are logged in your Tickets dashboard look for a button “Create Ticket” in the very left bottom corner to create a new ticket. Here’s a direct link to create new ticket

On the ticket creation page, if you are logged into using your Envato Account then you will see all your imithemes’s product purchases automatically. For normal login you need to add in your purchases by using items purchase codes. Here’s how to find your Item Purchase Code

2. Once purchases are added or loaded automatically then select the item for which you want to get support for and need to create ticket.

For the items which have expired support can’t be selected for new ticket creation. But no worries you can always renew your support from with in the “Add new Ticket” page, it will redirect you to your ThemeForest’s Downloads page where you can renew the support.

If you have recently renewed your support and the system is still showing it as expired then you can click on the reload purchase button so our system can update the purchase for you.

3. Once you select the item for the ticket click the “Next” button at the bottom right corner.

4. On the next screen enter the title for your ticket and describe your problem in details as much as possible.

5. Provide any additional requirement if possible, this will help support staff to check and resolve the problem soon. These fields are not mandatory however.

6. Final step is to click the “Create Ticket” button at the bottom right corner. That’s it your ticket is now logged into the system and a support staff will reply on it asap.

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